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How to reduce communications costs in Israel?

10.07.2015 12:32
связь в Израиле, удешевление связи

The telecommunications infrastructure in Israel lives through radical restructuring with great intensity. The Israeli telecoms business is evolving very rapidly on the background of the wholesale market reform initiatives.

The telecommunications wholesalemarket opening has given a strong competition among key players – Bezeq, Hot Telecom, Partner Telecommunications and Cellcom Israel in active struggle for client retention in new market transformations.

Analysts predict companies associations, -merging and costs reducing for telecommunication services. For consumers are opening new opportunities to acquire a wireline connection and provider services in one company. And it is predicted the tariffs reduction for telecoms services.

But on the Israeli communications market is observed the war between the leaders, who will not lower their status and lose customers. The subscribers feel strongly traffic uplift and technical inconveniences by switching to another company.

Due to complex information consumers orientation on telecoms market the company IPayLess (www.ipayless.co.il) will provide you high-quality service on tariffs reducing.

We offer

  • measures analysis for costsreducing of telecommunication services

  • choice of loyal program due to priceand quality ratio of telecoms services

  • full clients financial support

  • customer interaction in key challenges


    We attentively look after dynamical telecommunications market development in Israel.

    We attentively study all financial and quality communications issues.

    pay attention to each Client.


    Our team will continue to work productively on this questions, will try to increase our great professionalism and to use the valuable experience.


    We are here for you to save your time, money and of course a lot of money!

11.04.2017 00:18
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